Crypto Hedge Fund Giant Three Arrows Capital Defaults on $2.8 Billion Debt, Sending Shockwaves Through the IndustryBy Emmanuel Abara Benson

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Crypto Hedge Fund Giant Three Arrows Capital Defaults on $2.8 Billion Debt, Sending Shockwaves Through the IndustryBy Emmanuel Abara Benson

Crypto Hedge Fund Giant Three Arrows Capital Defaults on $2.8 Billion Debt, Sending Shockwaves Through the IndustryBy Emmanuel Abara Benson, Three Arrows Capital (3AC), once a towering figure in the cryptocurrency hedge fund industry, has experienced a dramatic fall from grace. In a mere matter of months, what was once a $10 billion crypto hedge fund has spiraled into a $2.8 billion debt debacle, sending shockwaves throughout the cryptocurrency market. This article delves into the reasons behind 3AC’s downfall, its repercussions on the crypto industry, and the lessons it offers for investors.

The Rise and Fall of 3AC

As recently as March, 3AC was managing around $10 billion in assets, making it one of the world’s leading crypto hedge funds. However, a combination of ill-judged trades, risky investments, and a sharp drop in cryptocurrency prices in 2021 and 2022 led to the fund’s eventual closure. The fund’s risky trading strategy and heavy exposure to the volatile crypto market played a significant role in its downfall.

3AC’s strategy involved borrowing money from various sources within the crypto industry and reinvesting that capital into various crypto projects. Co-founders Zhu Su and Kyle Davies, who had established credibility over a decade in the crypto industry, used their reputation to attract significant investments. However, this strategy proved to be its Achilles’ heel when the crypto market experienced a severe downturn.

Repercussions on the Crypto Industry

The consequences of 3AC’s collapse are far-reaching. The firm had numerous counterparties, including crypto exchanges, brokers, and lenders, that were heavily reliant on 3AC’s financial stability. With the crypto market shedding over $1 trillion in value since April, these counterparties are now facing substantial losses., a prominent crypto exchange, reported a $270 million loss due to loans given to 3AC. Voyager Digital, a digital asset brokerage, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after 3AC failed to repay approximately $670 million it had borrowed. U.S.-based crypto lenders Genesis and BlockFi, crypto derivatives platform BitMEX, and crypto exchange FTX also suffered significant losses.

The Legal Battle

3AC’s co-founders, Zhu Su and Kyle Davies, have not yet begun to cooperate with their creditors ‘in any meaningful manner,’ according to court documents. The liquidation process has not started, leaving creditors with no cash to recover their investments. Authorities have taken action against Zhu, who was arrested while allegedly trying to flee Singapore. Both co-founders have been sentenced to four months in prison for failing to comply with court orders.

Lessons Learned

The bankruptcy of 3AC serves as a stark reminder of the inherent risks in the crypto sector. It underscores the need for prudent investment strategies, rigorous risk management, and robust regulatory oversight in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies. Here are some key lessons for crypto investors:

  1. Diversification is Key: Overexposure to a single asset class or strategy can lead to significant losses. Diversifying investments across different assets can help mitigate risk.
  2. Risk Management: Investors must assess their risk tolerance and capacity before diving into the crypto market. A well-defined risk management strategy is crucial to weather market volatility.
  3. Regulation Matters: Regulatory oversight can provide a level of protection for investors. It is essential to operate within the bounds of applicable regulations.
  4. Transparency and Cooperation: In times of financial distress, transparency and cooperation with creditors are vital. Avoiding legal battles can lead to more favorable outcomes for all parties involved.


The fall of Three Arrows Capital serves as a cautionary tale for the crypto industry. It highlights the importance of responsible investment practices, risk management, and regulatory compliance. As the crypto market continues to evolve, these lessons should guide investors toward a more secure and sustainable future in this dynamic space.

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