Google rolling out Gboard split keyboard on Android tablet

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Gboard split keyboard – In an effort to improve the typing experience on Android tablets, Gboard has begun rolling out a split keyboard option. The feature was first introduced last year for foldable devices, but is now available for tablets as well. The split keyboard divides the keys evenly between the left and right sides of the screen, making it easier to type with both hands.

gboard split keyboard tablets

However, users can also choose to emphasize the left side of the keyboard by turning off the “Split layout to include duplicated keys” option. This feature is located in the Settings menu under Preferences > Layout. With this option turned off, the second and third rows of the keyboard will feature more keys on the left side.

Users can also switch between the standard and split keyboard options quickly using a toolbar tile. This feature makes it easy to switch between typing modes depending on the user’s preferences and typing needs.

The split keyboard option is currently available on the Gboard beta version 12.9.21 running on a Galaxy Tab S8. The update comes just ahead of the Pixel Tablet launch next month, suggesting that Google is focused on improving the user experience on Android tablets.

While the split keyboard update is a major improvement for tablet users, some users may also be looking forward to the toolbar redesign that was first introduced in February. The redesign has not yet been widely rolled out, but it promises to make the toolbar more user-friendly and customizable.

Overall, the split keyboard update is a welcome addition for Android tablet users who are looking to improve their typing experience. With the option to customize the keyboard layout and easily switch between typing modes, Gboard is making it easier than ever to type on a tablet. As Google continues to focus on improving the user experience on Android devices, we can expect to see more updates and improvements in the coming months.

gboard split keyboard

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