Indian dog breed Mudhol Hound to be tasked into Prime Minister’s SPG protection

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Know who the Mudhol Hounds are?

Mudhol hound, a breed of hunting dog native to north Karnataka is all set to make its debut in the elite Special Protecting Group (SPG) making it the first indigenous breed to be part of the elite SPG.

Mudhol Hound

Just recently the SPG had approached the Karnataka Veterinary Animal and Fisheries Sciences University of Bidar seeking two Mudhol puppies. The PM’s security team picked the Mudhol canines after thorough examination including other two Indian breeds as well namely Rajapalayam from Tamil Nadu and Rampur greyhound from Uttar Pradesh.

History of the Mudhol Hound

The Mudhol hounds are believed to have been bred first by Raja Malojirao Ghorpade of the erstwhile Deccan kingdom of Mudhol (in present-day Bagalkot) who, after seeing the qualities of the dogs that the tribals of his territory kept, decided to breed them selectively.

The Raja had said to have presented a couple of these dogs to King George V on a visit to England, whereafter the breed got the name of Mudhol hound.

Characteristics of the Mudhol Hound

The characteristically lanky Mudhol hounds are fast runners, with excellent stamina and agility. With a 270-degree vision and a sharp sense of smell, they are ideal for hunting, guarding, and surveillance.

Recognised by the Indian National Kennel Club, a registry of purebred dogs in the country, they are said to be extremely brave and loyal.

Narendra Modi mentioned Mudhol Hounds

A couple of years earlier, during his Mann ki Baat address in August 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had mentioned by name several Army and disaster mission dogs and added words of praise for “very good and capable” Indian breeds.

Urging people to bring home the Indian breed, he had asked, “At a time when Atmanirbhar Bharat is becoming a mantra of the people, how can any domain be left untouched by its influence?”

After PM Modi’s speech, the demand for the Mudhol hounds reportedly shot up with the paramilitary, forest and other departments showing interest in the canines.

Serving the Army and other forces

In February 2016, for the first time the Indian Army took a batch of Mudhol hound puppies into its Remount and Veterinary Corps (RVC) training centre.

Here is where army dogs of foreign breeds such as Labrador and German Shepherd are trained before being inducted into service.

Any concerns with the Mudhol hound?

There aren’t too many concerns around Mudhol hounds in security duties. However, one issue that has been observed, is that the performance of the hounds appears to dip in cold environments. This is believed because the species is native to an area with a warmer climate.

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