Indian Passport Verification System Hacked by UP Engineer

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UP engineer hacks Indian passport verification system of Mumbai Police to approve wife’s application & impress her. To avoid suspicion, he also cleared applications of 2 others.

Indian passport verification system hacked

We all want to impress our partners, but one engineer from Uttar Pradesh took it too far when he hacked into Mumbai Police’s Passport Verification system just to get his wife’s passport approved. That’s some serious dedication to your better half, folks!

Not only did this tech-savvy engineer get his wife’s passport approved, he also decided to play cupid and approved two more applications. A regular matchmaker, this one.

However, as with all things illegal, it didn’t take long for the cops to catch on. When the Mumbai Police investigated the case, they found out that the accused had used an internet protocol (IP) address that was traced back to a device in Noida. The jig was up, and the game was over.

But here’s the kicker: to avoid any suspicion, the engineer had also cleared the applications of two more women. Maybe he was trying to earn some good karma by spreading the love around?

As expected, the engineer was arrested by the Mumbai Police crime branch, and a case was registered against him for forgery of valuable security, identity theft, and punishment for cheating by using computer resources. Ouch.

The police stated that the documents submitted by the engineer’s wife were in order, but due to the FIR, her passport has now been stopped. Moral of the story? If you want to impress your partner, stick to the good old-fashioned ways – flowers, chocolates, and maybe a nice dinner. Don’t try to hack into government systems, people. It’s not worth it.

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