Marvel Phase 5 Teases Spider-Man’s Replacement

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is constantly expanding, introducing new characters and storylines with each phase. As the universe evolves, so do its heroes, and some inevitably take on different roles or are replaced by new characters. The latest hero to be replaced in the MCU is Spider-Man, and his replacement has already been subtly confirmed in Phase 5: Kamala Khan, a.k.a. Ms. Marvel.

Marvel Phase 5 Teases Spider-Man's Replacement

Kamala Khan made her debut in the TV series Ms. Marvel and is one of the youngest superheroes in the MCU. She possesses a pair of magical bangles that allow her to harness cosmic energy, but she still has much to learn about her powers and her family history. Like Peter Parker, Kamala is a huge fan of a specific superhero – in her case, Captain Marvel – and idolizes her.

In The Marvels, Kamala will join forces with Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau, and their powers will become entangled, resulting in them swapping places with each other every time they use their powers. The first trailer for The Marvels showed Kamala changing places with Monica and meeting Nick Fury, who she excitedly asks if what is happening is an Avengers test for her. This moment confirms that Kamala is taking Peter Parker’s place in the MCU as the youngest and most enthusiastic hero.

However, the MCU must be careful not to repeat the mistakes it made with its version of Spider-Man. One of the biggest flaws in the MCU’s Spider-Man formula was attaching him to a mentor figure in all his appearances. Iron Man was his mentor in Captain America: Civil War and the following Spider-Man films until his death. Mysterio then posed as a mentor figure to Peter before revealing his true nature, and in No Way Home, Doctor Strange took on that role. The MCU must avoid this with Kamala and allow her to become a hero on her own, learning from her mistakes without being under the shadow of Carol Danvers or Monica Rambeau.

Kamala’s enthusiasm and idolization of Captain Marvel are reminiscent of Peter Parker’s love for Iron Man. However, Kamala is a unique character with her own strengths and flaws, and the MCU must allow her to shine on her own. It is essential that the MCU give Kamala a unique character arc and avoid repeating the same formula that it used with Peter Parker.

In conclusion, Kamala Khan is confirmed as Peter Parker’s replacement in the MCU, but the MCU must avoid repeating its mistakes with its version of Spider-Man. Kamala is a unique character with her own story to tell, and the MCU must allow her to do so. The Marvels will be a crucial film for Kamala, and the MCU must make sure it sets her up for success and allows her to become a beloved hero in her own right.


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