Noida twin towers demolition: ‘Water fall implosion’ technology

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Noida Supertech Twin Towers Demolition: In the wake of the demolition of the Twin Towers, around 5,000 residents of two nearby societies, Emerald Court and ATS Village, have been ordered to vacate their homes at 7 am on Sunday.

Noida twin towers demolition

There were only two options to safely demolish Supertech’s illegal twin towers in Noida. The first one would be demolished with explosives in seconds and the second one would take one and a half to two years, experts said. The building is about 100 meters tall, taller than the Qutub Minar. An official of Edfis Engineering, which is working on the demolition of the building, said it will be safely demolished on August 28 using the ‘water fall implosion’ technique.

He said Apex Tower (32 storeys) and Sian (29 storeys) would collapse like a house of cards in less than 15 seconds. At the same time, care will be taken to ensure that there is no damage to the surrounding buildings. One of them is only nine meters away, he said.

Edfis partner Utkarsh Mehta told PTI that he is “150 percent” confident that the twin towers will be brought down safely and in the direction he envisioned. He assured people living in neighboring buildings that there would be no damage to their homes apart from ‘minor cracks’ in the paint and plaster. Asked how many options he had to demolish the Twin Towers, Mehta said he had three options to demolish any building – diamond cutters, use of robots and ‘implosion’.

He said, “The method of demolishing the building was chosen on the three grounds of cost, time and safety. Mehta said it would take about two years to completely demolish the building using the ‘diamond cutter’ technique and would cost five times as much as the ‘implosion’ technique. “According to this technique, each pillar, wall and beam has to be cut and separated from top to bottom with the help of a crane.”

Mehta said it would have taken about one-and-a-half to two years to use robotics technology. There is a lot of flag pollution in this. Which would have inconvenienced the residents of Emerald Court and ATS Village. He said that demolishing the building in this way would have cost less than a diamond cutter but more than an ‘implosion’. The Edfis chief said the ‘implosion’ technique was chosen as the Supreme Court had ordered the demolition of the twin towers as soon as possible without disturbing the residents.

Mehta said, ‘Edifice and our South African specialist partner Jet Demolition had previous experience in demolishing the Maradu complex in Kochi, Kerala, which is why we chose this technique. Around 5,000 residents of two nearby societies, Emerald Court and ATS Village, have been ordered to vacate their homes by 7 am on Sunday in the wake of the twin towers’ demolition on Sunday. Residents will also have to take around 2700 vehicles and pets with them.

No person or animal is allowed within 500 meters of the Twin Towers. More than 3600 kg of explosives will be used to demolish both the towers. According to an estimate, 55,000 to 85,000 tons of debris will be released from the demolition of the twin towers, and it will take at least three months to remove it.

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