Google sets to release new ringtone for Pixel phones inspired by Kenny G

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Google has decided to spice things up with a brand new ringtone for its Pixel phones, and this time it is inspired by none other than the legendary saxophonist, Kenny G. The new ringtone is part of the “Pixel Sounds” collection, which is updated regularly to keep Pixel phone users feeling fresh and new with each new release.

Pixel ringtone kenny G

Pixel phone users may be familiar with the “Natural Elements” collection of ringtones, alarms, and notifications, which feature the sounds of nature. However, this new ringtone is a departure from that theme and focuses on the smooth sounds of Kenny G’s saxophone.

According to reports, the new ringtone wastes no time and jumps straight into a hard-hitting solo styled after Kenny G. It is not yet clear whether the performance is from the real Kenny G, but regardless, fans of his music will appreciate this new addition to the Pixel Sounds collection.

Although the new ringtone is a welcome addition, the name given to it by Google has raised a few eyebrows. The ringtone has been dubbed “Kenny Gingtone,” which many users have found to be clunky and awkward. While it is unlikely to dampen enthusiasm for the new ringtone, it has prompted some to hope that Google chooses a more appealing name for future additions to the Pixel Sounds collection.

The new ringtone coincides with the release of the Pixel 7a, Google’s latest phone in the Pixel series. However, the update is available to all Pixel phone users through the “Sounds” app. The app downloads the various collections of ringtones, alarms, and notifications from Google’s servers when a user previews or sets one.

The release of the new ringtone has generated excitement among Pixel phone users, who are always eager for new features and updates. With the popularity of Kenny G’s music, it is no surprise that Google has chosen to pay tribute to the saxophonist with a new ringtone. Whether you like jazz or not, the “Kenny Gingtone” is sure to catch your attention and give your Pixel phone a unique touch.

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