Polytechnic syllabus now in Marathi

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Announcement of Higher and Technical Education Minister Chandrakant Patil

Chandrakant patil

Polytechnic final year result is 37 percent, it has been decided to re-exam. As per the new education policy, vocational education will be imparted in the mother tongue. Therefore, higher and technical education minister Chandrakant Patil announced that instructions have been given to the education department to conduct the entire course of the polytechnic in Marathi.

Higher and Technical Education Minister Chandrakant Patil was felicitated at the Government Rest House on behalf of Shivaji University Development Forum. Minister Patil was speaking while responding to felicitation on this occasion. Presided over by State President of Development Forum N. D. Patil was

Minister Patil said, according to the new education policy, a generation will be created to lead abroad. Because the spirit of Indianness is added to the business oriented policy. So students will get business and employment opportunity in every field. For that, the education experts should convey their thoughts to the government in the form of a proposal. Also, while answering the questions of the attendees, a strict role will be taken regarding the comprehensive plan of the future university. Along with this other educational issues were discussed.

Speaking from the chair N. D. Patil said, the implementation of the new education policy has started, and as the Minister of Higher and Technical Education, you have a great opportunity to develop students. While implementing the new educational policy, the difficulties of the management should be understood and a solution should be planned. Recruitment of professors should be expedited, light bills of educational institutions and taxes of institutions in the municipal sector should be reduced. Sanjay Parmane’s ‘Karyabruthan’ booklet was released by dignitaries. Governor Appointed Management Council Member Amit Kulkarni introduced. Adhisabha member Pankaj Mehta welcomed and thanked. Dr. Moderated by Rahul Mane. Former Vice Chancellor of Pune University Dr. Dr. Nitin Karamalkar, present controller of examination. Mahesh Kakade, Dr. Vasanti Rasam, Abhijit Patil, Dr. N. B. Gaikwad, Vishal Gaikwad, etc. were present.

Fight the university elections in a coordinated way, the university development forum should coordinate to avoid the confusion that happened in the state government in the university elections. Go it alone or in coalition to take over the university but frequently contact registered graduate voters, arrange a vehicle to take them to the polls. If you are prepared to work hard in the election, you will be sure of success. In this regard, let’s hold a separate planning meeting in the future and plan the university elections.

Many files are pending due to lack of willpower. Due to the lack of will of the Mahavikas Aghadi government, in the last two and a half years many decisions regarding reservation of Marathas, Dhangars and other communities, agriculture and education are pending. My head spins when files arrive on my desk. Also many wrong decisions have to be canceled. But in the future maximum decisions will be taken in the interest of society and students.

Through the university development forum, the university development team includes teachers, professors, students and administrators. It will help me to understand the grassroots issues in the field of education. So now without wasting time bring the issues of student interest before me, let us take a quick decision and give justice to them.

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