Europe’s largest economy, Germany falls into recession: Inflation hits & takes GDP growth contracts by -0.5%

Germany recession GDP growth

For the last two quarters it has negative growth, inflation at 7.2% In an unexpected turn of events, Germany, Europe’s largest economy and the world’s fourth-largest, has officially entered a recession according to new figures released by the Federal Statistical Office. The data revealed a contraction in Germany’s gross domestic product (GDP) of 0.3% during … Read more

Canada GDP surprises with Q4 flat line, backing up rate pause

Canada Gross Domestic Product

The Canada GDP experienced a surprise stall in the final quarter of 2022, ending a run of five consecutive quarterly increases. Statistics Canada reported that annualized fourth-quarter gross domestic product (GDP) was flat compared to the previous quarter, far below analysts’ median forecast for a 1.5% increase. This performance also fell short of the Bank … Read more

Canada Gross Domestic Product Increases In January

Canada Gross Domestic Product

Increases in mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction, wholesale trade, professional, scientific and technical services, and transportation and warehousing sectors were slightly offset by decreases in construction and retail trade Canada’s economy showed signs of growth in January as the country’s real gross domestic product (GDP) by industry increased 0.3 per cent. According to … Read more