Chinese rocket Long March 5B is out of control in space, debris can fall anywhere; India also on radar

The wreckage of a Chinese rocket is set to crash to Earth sometime in the next few days. When it falls, it can affect a large part of the world.

According to aerospace predictions, the likely regions for debris fall include the Americas as well as Africa, Australia, Brazil, India and Southeast Asia.However, China is dismissing this concern outright.

A part of the Long March 5B rocket launched by China on July 24 will make an uncontrolled reentry around July 31. Let us tell you that the weight of the booster is 23 metric tons.

The Global Times newspaper quoted an expert as saying, "The US is not able to stop China's development in the aerospace sector, making such fabricated allegations."

At the same time, critics say there is a series of uncontrolled accidents that highlight the risks of China's growing space race with the US.

"The chances of remaining debris landing in a populated area are not zero. More than 88% of the world's population has been victims of such debris," the aerospace said on Tuesday.

Let us tell you that in May 2021, fragments of another Long March rocket landed in the Indian Ocean.

Concerns were raised about this that the Chinese space agency has lost control over it. "It's clear that China has failed to meet the standards responsible for space debris," NASA Admin Bill Nelson said.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said in Beijing on Wednesday that China was closely following the booster's re-entry from this week's launch.

"It is customary for international practice for the upper stages of a rocket to re-enter Earth's atmosphere," Zhao said.

The research and development phase of the space engineering program itself has been considered for debris mitigation and return from orbit. Made with."