Apps that steal data are known as spyware (Spyware in smartphone). Many users have no idea about this.

Does your phone have spyware? Check it out, it's very easy!

Also, many people get fooled by the fact that sometimes these spyware apps seem different.......

TechCrunch has created a spyware lookup tool (Spyware lookup tool) with the help of compromised data to check if there is such an app in the phone (Detect Spyware in mobile).

With the help of this, you can not only find spyware, but also remove it. For this you will first need a safe device.

You can use your family or friends phone or your other phone or computer. From this device you have to go to this link https:// /pages/thetruthspy-investigation/.

Here you will see your IMEI and Ads ID options. After entering your phone's IMEI ID and Ads ID you will get the results.

If your phone's Ads ID is changed, it will prove that the smartphone has spyware installed. In such cases this tool will not be able to help you

But if a match is found on the lookup tool, it will prove that your phone is found in the leaked list.

If not much data is available then a conclusion of 'likely match' will be made. Also, if the result is 'No Match', it will prove that your device is safe.

This way you can check whether your mobile is safe or not and take proper precautions in time........