Top 10 Interesting News You Should Know About...

India RAFALE Army, Subway, Cannabis, Ranveer Sing and many more...

India deploys Rafale & the Russian S-400 air defence system in Northern sector after Chinese jets fly near border to test

Aircrafts flying for past 3-4 weeks, testing India's defence system

Indian Army built 2,088 km long road along China border and 1,336 km along Pakistan border within last 5 years

It's not just China who is leveling up across the border.

'Without Catholic Christians, Tamil Nadu would become Bihar': DMK MLA and Tamil Nadu's assembly speaker

Appavu said Christians are the reason of development in state.

Marketing at its best: Subway is now offering 'free sandwiches for life' to fans who get a tattoo of their foot-long sub

If you're wondering, yes, people ARE really getting those tattoos.

'Smoke cannabis, get high and just avoid alcohol': Chhattisgarh BJP MLA suggests ways to reduce crimes

Crimes like rape, murder & dacoity increase with alcohol, he said.

'He hurt sentiments of women & insulted their modesty': 2 Cases filed against Ranveer Singh over nude photoshoot

A Mumbai based NGO & lawyer sought an FIR against actor.

Bhopal student's body found chopped on railway tracks after father received 'Sar tan se juda' text, police says its a suicide

This slogan is chanted before beheading people for blasphemy.

Delhi man enters Air Force Station premises dressed as IAF officer just to impress girlfriend; arrested

He was caught trying to enter strategically sensitive compound..

100,000 robots across the world will sing 'Happy Birthday' to wish Mars Curiosity Rover as he is very lonely in space

NASA's curiosity rover turns 10 on August 5th, launched in 2012.

Engineer who revealed Google's AI technology is starting to 'feel emotions' fired, after a tech podcast on LaMDA

The development team member said 'the bot has turned sentient.'