Smartphones take more time to charge. That's why today let's learn the tips of what to do to charge the smartphone battery fast.

Smartphone Charging Tips:

1. Put the phone in flight mode-

When you charge the phone, put it in flight mode i.e. turn on flight mode.

The advantage of this is that it saves the battery needed to search for networks and apps running in the background, and the phone charges faster.

2. Switch off and charge the phone-

Many people have a misconception that turning off the smartphone and charging it destroys its battery.

On the contrary, it charges the phone faster, as it saves the battery that is consumed when the phone is on and saves the time it takes to charge the smartphone.

3. Do not charge via USB port from laptop-

Many a times we conveniently charge the mobile from the laptop through the USB port, but this is wrong.

Actually, the charging speed of phone via USB from laptop or desktop is very slow. So charge the phone only with the adapter provided with the mobile.

4. Use the company's original charger-

Many times we go to a friend's place or home and charge the phone with another mobile charger, which is not the right way.

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