Yes... It is quite normal to feel low and incompetent at times. There are times in every single person's life that causes doubt about self capabilities.

If you are seriously bothered by your ill self esteem and disturbed with an urge to overcome this situation, you are at the right place.

Just follow the steps below one by one, again and again, until you have no doubt about your self. 

First of all, understand that basically you are not as you feel to be right now.

Just remember the time when you were not aware of anything called lack of self confidence. 

Try and figure out what you had then that made you feel the way you felt. & find out what is the cause or course of events that caused you lose your self confidence. 

Think clearly about the reasons you started losing your true nature and determine if the reason is worth losing your peace of mind & thereby the lack of the feeling of content.

Are you here (in this body and on planet earth) just for that one reason?

Don't you have anything left, at which you are better? 

Are you so fragile & weak that you lose hope if just a tiny aspect of your life is not working the way you want it to be?

Look around and see how you are blessed with so many great things that others dream of having.

Focus on your blessings and just stop thinking about what you think is missing.

Remember, confidence is something that you can never lose out of your control.