If you sit alone in a quiet room and think about your life and experiences, you will come to know that what so ever you may remember at that point of time is the only thing that we call life.

Everybody who is born here knows without any doubt that he is going to die also. There is an end to everything which has got a start.

All of us have accepted that one day we are going to die. In spite of being sure about our death, how can one involve in all the worldly things.

Right now and here what can you be sure about??? You have no control even on your body mind..........

Everything including your body mind was never perceived before you were born. This body mind is just an instrument for us to know that “I AM”.

I AM is the only thing which has never changed. All good or bad memories always keep changing. Life is nothing but bunch of memories that we have experienced.

Everything seems to be so true and real that we don’t even bother to accept it as imagination. Nobody is born by his own wish.

The heart starts beating before we can know about our own being. Right from the moment our heart starts beating till the moment of our death it never stops.

Heart beating and breathing are the basic requirements for us to know or to understand that we are alive. We never need to remember to breath.

In fact everybody just forgets that our heart and lungs are functioning continuously right from the birth till the death. It does not stop when one dies, one dies when it stops.