WNBA star Brittney Griner sentenced to 9 years in Russian jail for drug-smuggling


Based on CNN report..

American ladies' b-ball star Brittney Griner was indicted for intentionally pirating drugs into Russia and sentenced to nine years of prison time

Thursday for a situation that has raised concerns she is being utilized as a political pawn in Russia's conflict against Ukraine.

Judge Anna Sotnikova of the Khimki city court conveyed the sentence and fined Griner 1 million rubles, or about $16,400.

She said the court considered Griner's incomplete confirmation of responsibility, regret for the deed, condition of wellbeing and altruistic exercises.

The double cross US Olympic b-ball gold medalist conceded to sedate charges last month and said she coincidentally pressed the medications while in a rush.

The cruel sentence comes in the midst of the setting of Russia's attack of Ukraine and the nation's saber-shaking with the US and Europe.

The US State Department keeps up with Griner is improperly kept, and US authorities have offered a potential detainee trade with Russia trying to securely bring her home.

CNN National Security Analyst Steve Hall said the brutal sentence was not a shock and contended that Russia's court procedures are not genuine.

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