Twitter has introduced a new feature called 'Twitter Circle'.

The company itself has given information about this by tweeting.

Users will now be able to tweet privately under this feature.

That means the tweet below will be visible only to people in your circle. This will include 150 people.

Twitter has shared a video detailing the feature.

In which you are given information on how to use 'Twitter Circle'.

As per the information provided, currently only 150 people can be added to the Twitter circle.

This feature is similar to Instagram's 'Close Friends' feature. You will have all the right to decide who these 150 people will be.

No one can retweet or share this tweet. All replies to this tweet will remain private.

"This new feature will help users build better relationships with their 'followers' without giving up the option to talk to everyone on their 'Timeline,'" the company said.