Google Contacts Birthday Notifications rolling out for Android

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Google Contacts birthday notifications has rolled out for Android, a new feature that allows users to receive birthday notifications and prompts them to add this information to their contacts.

This feature has been in the works since March, and it is now being gradually rolled out to Android devices. Users who receive the feature will see an “Add birthdays” card under the “For you” section of the Highlights tab in Google Contacts.

Google contacts birthday notification

By saving the birthdays of your contacts, you can now see them on your birthday calendar and receive helpful cues across Google services. To add a contact’s birthday, simply tap on the “Add birthdays” option, which will take you to a list UI optimized for fast and easy date entry. A cake icon appears next to contacts who do not have their birthdays listed, making it easy to spot who you need to add this information for.

It is not clear how you can get back to the “Add birthdays” interface once you remove the card. However, once the feature is rolled out, you can also add birthday notifications for individual contacts by opening the contact and heading to the overflow menu, where you’ll find a new “Add birthday notification” option.

This new feature follows Google Contacts’ recent addition of Individual and Favorite Contacts homescreen widgets last month. With these new features, Google Contacts aims to make it easier for users to stay organized and keep track of important dates for their contacts.

Overall, this latest update to Google Contacts birthday notifications for Android is a welcome addition, and it is sure to be appreciated by users who want to keep track of important dates and never miss a birthday again. By encouraging users to add this information to their contacts, Google is making it easier than ever to stay on top of your contacts’ birthdays and other important events.

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