Parent beat teacher in West Bengal’s school after they ate all chicken

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Parent beat teacher after they ate all chicken leg piece of mid-day meal meant for students. The parents later locked them in a room for feeding kids leftovers.

parent beat teacher

It’s hard to believe that a squabble over chicken could cause such a flap, but that’s exactly what happened at Amriti Primary School in Malda district. Apparently, the teachers were keeping all the best parts of the chicken for themselves, leaving the students with just the neck, liver, and stomach. This didn’t sit well with the parents, who decided to take matters into their own hands.

The parents stormed the school and locked the teachers in a room, demanding that they serve the students the entire quantity of chicken, legs and all. The teachers, however, were having none of it. They claimed that they cooked the chicken separately and used better rice on days when they were in a “picnic mood.”

Can you blame them, really? Chicken legs are delicious, and who doesn’t love a good picnic? But the parents were not amused, and the teachers found themselves in a bit of a stew.

After being locked up for over four hours, the teachers were finally freed by the police. The district administration even launched an investigation into the parents’ claims, but it’s unclear whether the teachers will face any consequences for their actions.

It’s worth noting that the West Bengal government recently added chicken and seasonal fruits to the menu of mid-day meals for students. This was a welcome change for students who were previously only getting fish or egg twice a week with boiled rice, soybean, and vegetables served on other days.

It’s a shame that this incident happened, but it’s also a reminder of how important it is to provide nutritious meals to students. After all, a hungry student is an unhappy student, and nobody wants that. Hopefully, the teachers and parents can come to an understanding and move on from this chicken kerfuffle.

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